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Press Releases

STOP killings petition presented to government

Petition to stop killings tops 1000 signatories

End the killings, petitioners cry worldwide

Stop the killings, open letter & petition urge

AHRC welcomes news that anti-torture bill going to parliament and death penalty abolished

Anti-torture protest goes to police HQ; torture victims need protection

District attorney criticised for failure to assist torture victims

Punks protest at CHR for impartial probe, enactment of torture law; police reportedly charged with abuse

Claim that corncobs part of staple diet is "absurd", says AHRC

Government must end delay and act to protect citizens' rights

High time for Philippine government to pass anti-torture legislation

Sacked farm workers in Mindanao forced to eat poisonous frogs to survive

AHRC nagpahayag ng pagkabahala sa pagkaantala ng kaso sa Pilipinas

Gutom sa Pilipinas inulat ng AHRC

Imbestigasyon sa pagpaslang ng mga aktibista pinagutos

Suporta sa nakaligtas sa Sulu masaker ipinag-utos

Imbestigasyon sa posibleng kinalaman ng sundalo't pulis sa pagpaslang ng mga aktibista hiniling

Patuloy na pagpatay sa mga aktibista kinondina ng AHRC

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