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[AHRC Open Letter] MYANMAR/BURMA: Myanmar's neighbours would benefit from its political transformation

Carrying out of President Macapagal Arroyo's instructions on investigations into extrajudicial killings will take over 14 years

Three more shootings as violent pogrom is allowed to continue

[Open Letter] Alleged rights abuses by army demand full investigations, not whitewashing

The story of Fr. Terry, a Pastor in Pangasinan an update on the extrajudicial killings in the Philippines

The story of Fr. Terry, a Pastor in Pangasinan an update on the extrajudicial killings in the Philippines

The president fails to take decisive steps to end extrajudicial killings

AHRC reproduces an article "Papal Nuncio twits GMA on slay spree" - an update on the extrajudicial killings in the Philippines

Stopping the extra-judicial killings must be a priority in your State of the Nation Address (Sona)

Police "solve" cases but killings continue

Police chief must aim to identify, arrest and prosecute killers of human rights defenders

Torture is foremost about the state

Did you discuss extrajudicial killings with Pope Benedict?

Outlawing torture must be a priority to show commitment to human rights

The importance of new laws in implementing human rights standards

Sense of urgency sorely needed in rights abuse investigations

Task force on killings must start with witness protection

UN General Assembly must reject the Philippines' Human Rights Council bid

Abolish capital punishment to show real sincerity on human rights

Law needed to stop torture and systemic negligence in the Philippines

No law to address persistent forced disappearances in Philippines denies the possibility of redress

To justify the use of torture is a constitutional and human rights violation

[AHRC Open letter] Brutal beating of a person by the police was not a "justifiable degree of force"

[AHRC Open Letter] PHILIPPINES: Open letter to the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights to mark International Human Rights Day 2005

Government's failure to legislate on torture is a betrayal of Filipinos' constitutional rights

Fear overwhelming the lives of ordinary Filipinos

Starvation in all parts of Philippines requires immediate government action

Witness protection key to addressing unrestrained killings in Philippines

Torture practiced with impunity and without fear of prosecution

Philippines Commission on Human Rights ignores its mandate in eviction of families in Davao

Philippines government must expose emerging army and police links to activists' killings

Unrestrained killings of activists in Philippines demand immediate government action

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